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How to Cross Post From Instagram to Facebook


The first thing to do when learning how to cross post from instagram to facebook is to set your profile up as a fan page. This way you will have an area to upload all of your pictures and keep track of what people are commenting on. You will want to set up a fan page for each of the social networks that you participate in. For example, if you are a fan of Facebook, you can create a fan page for it or a page for Twitter. Then you will want to put a link for the blog or site where you wrote about your pictures in one of those social networking pages. It is important to be able to leave a comment on the comments section of a picture or a link to that comment.

Some other tips on how to cross post from instagram to facebook include making sure that the picture or video you are uploading is of good quality. Nothing looks worse than a sloppy image uploaded on a website like Facebook. Also, try to use a high resolution photograph. Anything lower resolution or blurry will look blurry or less pleasant to the viewer. Use your best judgment here.

When learning how to cross post from instagram to facebook, you might also consider adding a little bling to your pictures. There are many different applications available that will help you with this. They are fun to use and can make you seem more approachable by posting little pieces of jewelry, or other items you would like to show off to your friends. If you are not comfortable with adding any bling, then at least try to make it minimal so that it does not distract from your picture or the message you are trying to get across. If you need a little help using these applications, then feel free to ask for one.

It might sound silly, but another tip on how to cross post from instagram to facebook revolves around using your Facebook connections as much as possible. Whenever you have an opportunity to post a status on your wall, do so. Whenever you can answer questions posted on fan pages, do so. Interact with people on the platform and, because you now have their contacts, you can now send them messages in return. Not everyone will take to your messages well, so keep things short and friendly. This should work out really well if you are just starting out.

The last part of how to cross post from instagram to facebook is simply to be patient. Facebook is a fast growing social network and competition is fierce. If you don’t stand out with something original, then the chances are that somebody else will and the only thing that you’ll have to show for it is a big fat PR apology. You don’t want to alienate your fans when you can help it, so stick to the basics as far as communication on the internet goes.

When you’re wondering how to cross post from instagram to facebook, don’t panic. If you use your status to explain what you’re up to and how long you’ll be gone (or how you’re going to get there), it should be fine. There are even times when you can combine your instagram posts with your Facebook ones. Just make sure that your Facebook page has all the facts straight and that they’re being shared with your page instead of leaving them in static form on your blog or website.

If you’re thinking about how to cross post from instagram to facebook, then it’s time to start thinking about how you want to see your online conversations appear in your news feed. Posting it as a wall is one solution, but it won’t show up until someone actually looks at it. Therefore, how to post it as a link is the best idea.

There are other solutions on how to cross post from instagram to facebook, such as putting a photo of yourself on your page. Just make sure that you don’t do anything to draw the attention to yourself that would be seen as spammy. Another good idea is to leave the conversation open, just like you would on the internet. Just don’t forget to login and see what people are commenting on and linking to!

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