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How to Charge For Social Media Management


How to charge for social media management is a question many entrepreneurs have asked at one time or another. Social media marketing is a fast growing trend in business that is creating significant buzz within the business world. Many entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, they often don’t take the time to learn how to charge for social media management.

When you hire a social media manager, you will be charged for the services they provided to you. This is not a service you are signing on for free. There is a cost associated with learning how to manage your online reputation management. It’s not always a costly expense, either. However, you do want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. A social media management specialist (or social network manager) can advise you on how to charge for social media management based on your needs and your budget.

If you decide to hire a social media management company to handle your online presence, you will be charged per impression or action. The amount you are charged will vary depending on what the content of your site consists of, how your audience grows and how you plan to interact with them. It is important to understand that your goal is not to charge per impression, but per action. Each time a visitor, subscriber or customer performs a certain action like signing up for a newsletter, leaving a comment or purchasing a product or service, you will be charged. This is called a “cost per action” or “cost per lead” and it’s a good way to compare how much different marketing strategies cost.

If you decide to manage your own social media pages, understanding how to charge per hour is essential. First, know how much time the average user spends on your page per month. Most social sites have a default time period per day or per week, and it’s best to adjust these values according to your specific demographic. You may find that you only get one or two visitors per hour on your page if your demographic has many younger children, so you should set your per-hour rate accordingly.

You can also determine how much you will charge per action by considering how your target audience engages with your site. For instance, if you offer video lessons, how long does it take your visitor to view an introductory video? How many times does it take for a visitor to actually click through and start watching a video? You should use these factors to determine how much you will charge for social media management.

How to charge for social media management depends upon how much control you currently have over the accounts you manage. If you are just setting up one or two accounts, you do not have as much to worry about controlling how they are run. However, if you manage multiple accounts for a business with many employees, you will need to be able to make changes immediately. If you lack the experience and/or control to change the functionality of different social media sites in real time, consider hiring a social media manager who has years of experience in the industry.

If you don’t yet have a large number of social profiles, consider hiring a social media manager who has been involved in the industry for several years. Hiring someone who is well-established within their niche will ensure that their work is better than those who have relatively little experience. Social media is a fast-moving, ever-changing industry, and many new entrepreneurs quickly become frustrated by the hurdles they face when trying to make money from their new businesses. Someone who has spent several years building a reputation in the social networking world will likely be more capable of providing services you need. Hiring a specialist in this area will provide the experience you need to handle everything from scheduling your accounts, to interacting with your audience and strengthening your online presence.

While it may not seem like a big concern when starting out, the ability to manage your social media pages could rapidly become a necessity. When you consider how many people are quickly becoming addicted to the convenience and interactivity of the sites, charging for social management is necessary. Hiring a professional manager will ensure that your social media pages are always running smoothly and effectively, while offering you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business.

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